Your key to 100% freedom. 100% Commission Brokerage.

Realty Hub is a 100% commission real estate broker which caters to the independent-minded agent.
One flat fee, no hidden fees, and all the freedom you need!

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Realty Hub collects the $100 Membership Fee in the month of April of every year. Agents who join before or after will pay a prorated amount.

Membership fee:
Sign-up fee:

Realty Hub Due

* Realty Hub does not store any credit card information
* The credit/debit card used must be under the applicant’s name
* The Membership fee and Sign-up fee are non-refundable
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Membership Dues Payment Guide

Annual Dues are $100 – This amount will be assessed annually on April 1st of every year. The prorated amounts are as follows:

Month JoinedRealty Hub DuesMonth JoinedRealty Hub Dues