Frequently Asked Questions (Alabama)

100% commission. No hidden fees. Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance included. It can’t get any better than this!

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About Realty Hub

Yes, we are. Please check out Our Realtor Memberships page to see the list under Alabama.

Yes. After you join, you will be sent a Welcome Email with onboarding instructions. You will be given the Broker’s phone number and email address and the administrative staff’s email address. Please note that all inquiries are typically answered within 1 business day.

No. MLS access is provided by the Realtor Association.

Yes, we are located by appointment only at 7635 Ashley Park Court, Suite 503, Orlando, FL 32835. 

Realty Hub does not maintain an escrow account and would recommend using a title company or attorney to hold any transaction related funds.

You can order your business cards here.

If you need signs, you can get them here. Promo Code: 50REALTYHUBFS (up to 50% off!)

Additionally, we give Realty Hub agents access to our logo so that they can design their own business cards and signs.

All Realtors have access to the Alabama Association of Realtor forms provided to them through their membership to the Realtor Association. For their convenience, copies of these documents are uploaded onto our online folder. 

No, this is how we are able to provide 100% commission with minimal fees.

Realty Hub is associated with OPCITY. Additionally, Realty Hub does provide leads to our agents. We have a very extensive lead generating program that is currently in Beta testing Phase II.

We do not provide training at the moment.

Realty Hub was incorporated on June 30, 2011.

Please refer to Chapter 27 of Title 34, Code of Ala. 1975 and the rules promulgated by the Alabama Real Estate Commission.

Here is what the License Law says about advertising. It is as violation of law to:

Section 34-27-36(6) Publish or cause to be published any advertisement which deceives or which is likely to deceive the public, or which in any manner tends to create a misleading impression or which fails to identify the person causing the advertisement to be placed as a licensed broker or salesperson.

Section 34-27-36(15) If a qualifying broker or company, to allow a salesperson or associate broker licensed under him or her to advertise himself or herself as a real estate agent without the name or trade name of the qualifying broker or company appearing prominently on the advertising; or if the licensee is a salesperson or associate broker, advertising himself or herself as a real estate agent without the name or trade name of the qualifying broker or company under whom the salesperson or associate broker is licensed appearing prominently on the advertising.

Paragraph 6 is clear that advertising cannot deceive the public, cannot be misleading and must identify the licensee causing the advertisement to be placed.

Paragraph 15 says that a salesperson or associate broker must include the name or trade name of the qualifying broker or company under whom they are licensed, and that the name or trade name must appear prominently. So, what does that mean? It means that the licensee can use the qualifying broker’s name, the legal company name or the trade name of the company.

For branch offices, use either the company name with the branch identifier such as ABC Realty East Branch or the company name without the “East Branch” identifier. A salesperson at a branch can put either ABC Realty on the sign or ABC Realty East Branch. The qualifying broker of the company for ABC Realty is as responsible for the actions of this salesperson as is the qualifying broker at ABC Realty East Branch. The main office can always refer a customer to the East Branch if necessary.

What about franchise names? If you just put ReMax, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, etc. on your advertising but your company license name is ReMax ABC Realty, Coldwell Banker ABC Realty or Century 21 ABC Realty, then obviously using just the franchise name does not help a consumer know which company is being identified. In this case, use the ABC Realty with your franchise name. Suppose your company is licensed in reverse as ABC Realty DBA Century 21? Can you just use Century 21 in this case? Under the law, yes. Common sense would tell me that I would include the ABC Realty part to distinguish my company from other Century 21 companies.

Finally, don’t forget the prominent part. Don’t make the company name, trade name or QB’s name so small it can hardly be seen. Use your judgment and if you are unsure, send a picture to the Commission and we will evaluate it for you. Usually, if you need to ask, then it likely is not prominent. Right?

Please call us at +1 334-242-5544 if you have any additional questions on advertising or any other legal topic.

Residential & commercial real estate sales, land, leasing, and referrals.

The broker’s physical location is not public information.


Realty Hub does not charge the agent or client a separate E&O fee. Agents who join are covered under our policy. We have a $1 million aggregate per year policy covering all legally allowable real estate activities performed by our agents for a commission/fee.

Agents who are responsible for any legal claims or legal disputes will be liable to pay the E&O Insurance deductible of $2,500 per incident.

Here is the Realty Hub fee schedule:

$100 – Annual Membership Fee

$100 – Transaction Fee

$20 – Sign Up Fee – this is a one-time fee assessed when you join Realty Hub

$15 – Incoming Wire Fee

$2,500 – Penalty if Realty Hub Comprehensive Disclosure is not signed by the Realty Hub client

$2,500 – Errors & Omission insurance deductible to be paid by the agent for any legal disputes or legal claims arising from agent’s actions

No. We are one of a few brokers with no monthly fees.

Realty Hub doesn’t have a commission structure. Instead, we charge agents $100 per transaction.  Should the agent earn any commission or fee on a transaction, they keep it.

Joining Realty Hub

After completion of the application and payment of the membership fee, you will be active within 1 business day (24 hours). We perform agent activations Monday through Friday during regular business hours. For example, an application sent on Friday at 1pm will be processed and responded to by Monday 1pm. 

Realty Hub Membership Fee:     $100 per year
One time Sign Up Fee:                 $20

We prorate the membership fee accordingly:​

Month JoinedMembership Fee + Sign Up FeeMonth JoinedMembership Fee + Sign Up Fee
January$24.99   +   $20    =    $44.99July$74.97   +   $20    =    $94.97
February$16.66   +   $20    =    $36.66August$66.64   +   $20    =    $86.64
March$8.33     +   $20    =    $28.33September$58.31   +   $20    =    $78.31
April$100      +   $20    =    $120October$49.98   +   $20    =    $69.98
May$91.62   +   $20    =    $111.62November$41.65   +   $20    =    $61.65
June$83.40   +   $20    =    $103.40December$33.32   +   $20    =    $53.32

Agents are expected to upload all transaction files by logging into our Support Page. Agents are also expected to manage their own transactions.

Checklists and procedures are clearly noted on our Support Page. Our admin staff will assist and review transaction files prior to the broker signing paperwork or disbursing any commissions.

All agents are given access our Support Page where they will find forms, answers to frequently asked questions, important information about the brokerage, procedures, and checklists. Additionally, agents will have access to their online folder to storage of transaction files. Within the folder, agents can fill out forms on documents and initiate legally binding electronic signatures.

Realty Hub Requirements

No. Realty Hub was created to allow agents to work from wherever they choose.

Getting Paid

The Alabama Real Estate Commission does not allow getting Paid at Closing. All commissions will need to be sent to Realty Hub and then sent to the agent via Direct Deposit. We have provided instructions on our Support Page and will give access to agents after joining Realty Hub.

This is the FAQ Page for Alabama

This is the FAQ Page for Alabama