Realty Hub Park Your License

What does it mean to Park Your License?

When you first obtain your real estate license, you’ll need to have the license registered with an active real estate brokerage with an active managing broker. “Hanging/Parking” your real estate license with a brokerage means that your license and your real estate activities are in the care of the brokerage and the managing broker. You can only hang your license with one brokerage at a time. The exception is that certain states allow an individual to have multiple licenses. Agents who wish to park their license are looking to maintain an active status per their state licensing authority. Some states require a minimum period of continued active status before being eligible to begin the process for a real estate broker license. Others wish to have a license active to take advantage of tax deductions as a business.

Why Park Your License at Realty Hub?

* Our $100 per year membership fee.

* Our $100 per transaction fee. Errors & omission insurance is included.

Our brokerage was created with you in mind. If you ever wish to become more active in the real estate business, we are equipped to help you. We provide all the forms necessary for you to do business and our broker is available by phone and email to answer questions that you may have. Our brokerage is also a member of multiple associations throughout Alabama, Florida and Georgia. The number 1 reason why so many agents come is the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are not a place where you can hang your license for free. However, our low cost and simple fee structure is unmatched in the industry. Agents who decide to hang or park their real estate license pay us $100 per year. When they do a transaction, Realty Hub will collect a $100 transaction fee and the agent will collect the rest.
  • Yes, you can do as much or as little as you wish.
  • Our broker is available by phone or email.
  • Sure!  Just let us know so that we will administer your license correctly.
  • Click  the “Join Now” button to complete our application process. Once we receive your application in full, we will activate you within 1 business day and send you a Welcome Email with onboarding instructions.