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Realty Hub Delivers 100% Commission Brokerage to Jacksonville FL Real Estate Agents

Realty Hub’s Jacksonville branch welcomes new and experienced real estate agents working out of Duval County. Any agents that are part of the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors are also eligable to partner with Realty Hub and receive our 100% commision. If you are an agent in Jacksonville, Palatka, Orange Park, or World Golf Village, our services are perfect for you. Our amazing 100% commission real estate brokerage allows you to work with independence and freedom while also having us supporting you. Our one of a kind opportunity is perfect for any agent, whether you’re heavily experienced or a new agent just learning the ropes.
Realty Hub never hides any hidden fees from you when closing a property. Our simple $100 transaction fee for each close allows you to retain 100% commission. Our transparency and urge to help our agents make us a perfect fit for you and your real estate career in Jacksonville.
Jacksonville is an appealing market in Florida. In 2018, Jacksonville was considered one of the best places to invest in real estate in the country. With such an appealing market, it can sometimes be hard to make a name for yourself among other agents. With our partnership, however, we can help you stand out from other real estate agents in the area. Your real estate career can take off here, and having us at your back is a great idea. We can support you through all of your business transactions and ensure you are getting the work you deserve. Do yourself a favor and partner with us. Realty Hub is an amazingly smart way to invest in your real estate future while still making 100% comission, an oppurtunity that is hard to come by. With Realty Hub supporting you, you can take full control of your business while also having the perks of our company. We always put our agents as our number one priority and can assure you that we’ll take care of you while also maintaining your independence as an agent. Jacksonville real estate agents can thrive at our company thanks to the independence and autonomy we offer our agents, allowing them to do what works best for them. Join us today, and start the next chapter in your real estate career.