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Realty Hub Brings 100% Commission Brokerage to Orlando Real Estate Agents

Realty Hub welcomes Orlando real estate agents to our 100% commission brokerage. Orlando real estate agents choose Realty Hub for the freedom and autonomy that comes along with our fresh real estate model.

Orlando Florida is comprised of an interesting mix of commercial and residential, hotel and condominium. Orlando has a strong real estate foundation and an economy built in part on the bustling Disney and other amusement parks that bring millions of visitors each year. According to Forbes, over 70 million visitors came to the Orlando region in 2018 — making it a great place for real estate agents to find new investors and connect with an everflowing supply of new buyers for homes and condos.

If it’s time to take control of your business, join Realty Hub in Orlando today, and enjoy 100% commission with a $100 transaction fee per close, including E&O insurance, and a $100 membership fee. Nothing hidden. Ever.

As the fourth largest city in Florida, real estate investors like to buy homes for rent to retirees and young families alike. When Amazon grew its fulfillment center in Florida, this helped change the market and raised it up from the historical real estate crash when foreclosures hit Orlando hard. Recently Orlando was recognized for a growing single-family residential home market, in part because of the increased jobs in hospitality. If you have your active real estate license but have not been selling, now is a good time to get back into the game and Realty Hub could be the right brokerage for you.